The Repaint Specialists’ Colour Guide To Help Beat The Winter Blues!

When we think about repainting our environments, we often think about what is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. However; there is so much more behind the colour of your interior walls than you could ever imagine! For decades psychiatrist have been linking colors and shades to our moods and mental wellbeing. The evidence is monumental, and […]

Key Benefits To Hiring An Edmonton Paint Specialist

We’ve all been there! You’re watching T.V., and that new home decorating show comes on. It’s amazing what these everyday people can accomplish on a small budget! In fact, it’s downright inspiring! You start looking around the room, and you realize it needs some serious sprucing up, and you are just the person to do it! […]

Edmonton’s Top Painters Presents: How To Paint Over Your Outdated Brick

The city of Edmonton has been around since 1785 (known simply as Fort Edmonton then) and is home to many historic buildings and Victorian styled homes.  Both, of which, are famous for incorporating brick into the architecture. Brick can be a beautiful element to any room or home exterior. In fact, many interior designers love to […]

3 Reasons To Paint Your Home This Winter!

Hello winter, goodbye summer! If you live in Edmonton, then you may be just as upset at this crazy winter weather as we are. It’s September after all, and there is still so much summer renovating to do! While you may not be able to paint the shed or redo your shutters at the moment […]

10 Items Every Edmonton Homeowner Needs!

CALLING ALL HOMEOWNERS!!! Now, we know better than anyone that calling a repaint specialist will get you high-quality results with minimal effort on your part; however, we also know, that it isn’t always feasible to call in your local paint specialist every time a ding or scratch appears on your wall. Most Edmonton homeowners agree […]