Spraying Kitchen Cabinets vs Painting Cabinets

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“Don’t replace, repaint.” That’s always our advice to homeowners who have perfectly functional kitchen cabinets but want to change the look of their kitchen. So lets take a look at the benefits of spraying vs traditional painting.

Get a Factory finish

Kitchen cabinets are not brushed at the factory, they are spray painted to give them a uniform finish. To achieve the same standard of finish at home, you need to forget about brushes and rollers and use spray painting for your project.

You can go about this in one of two ways: 1) With a spray paint canister, which will work, but the coverage area will be tiny so the work will take several days. 2) With a spray painting gun, in which case one cabinet door will take you 2 hours.

Fast efficient turnaround time

It’s no exaggeration to say that you could take a whole day painting one kitchen cabinet with a brush. Rollers are faster, but because the coats are thicker than spraying, it also takes longer to account for drying time (typically 3x times longer).

Better quality texture

The issue with brush painting or roller painting kitchen cabinets is the finish will never be perfect. You will have brush marks if you use a brush, and if you use a roller, the texture of the roller will render the surface slightly textured.

In comparison, when it is applied correctly, spray paint is smooth like the painted bodywork of a car. This is a much more desirable standard of finish.

Even coverage gives better durability longer life

Because spray paints can be applied in several thin, even coats, the level of durability is consistent across the painted surface. This is useful because an inconsistent painted surface tends to wear unevenly, which looks horrible.

Suitable for every surface type

Whether your kitchen cabinet facings are acrylic, laminate or wood, spray painting is a suitable application method. For plastics like acrylic, in fact, it is the only application method that will provide a non-textured and smooth surface.

Overall, repainting kitchen cabinets with spraying is one of the best home improvement projects and your kitchen would look beautiful if spray painted. Contact us for a quote on

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