The Cabinet Painting Process in Detail

What are the steps we take to refinishing your kitchen cabinets?

  1. First we take down and label all cabinet doors, drawers, and hardware. We label everything so we know exactly what we are working with and ensuring no loss of hardware.
  2. We then wipe down all the cabinets with a degreasing agent to ensure we have a totally clean surface to work with moving forward.
  3. Our next step ensuring will be sealing off the kitchen so no dust enters in other rooms. Once the kitchen is sealed we use a ventilator machine to remove any odours through the window. Once the kitchen is sealed it will be for the duration of the job.
  4. The door’s and drawers will be taken to our shop. Or we provide in-home refinishing of complete cabinets.
  5. Next we will do a light sanding of the cabinets and the doors so we have a good adhesion on the surface for the primer.
  6. After a light sanding we will fill any cracks or blemishes with wood filler, returning those cabinets to factory new quality.
  7. Now we start with a coat of primer on your doors, built-ins and cabinets in your kitchen.
  8. Once our primer paint coat is dry we will do another light sanding of all the primed surfaces and cabinets.
  9. If there is any unwanted spacing around the doors now is when we would add caulking to close off those spaces.
  10. Here comes the paint! We will apply two coats of paint to all of the built-ins, doors and drawers. Your doors and drawers will be taken to our spray booth. In this controlled spray booth we will spray finish your cabinets and drawers to factory finish.
  11. We will apply 2 coats of paint and will lightly sand between each coat.
  12. We will then re-install your kitchen cabinetry and drawers and all hardware.
  13. That’s it you are all set with your new kitchen and money saved on a big project.

NOTE: Our main goal is to complete on-site cabinets, so you can use your kitchen on the third day. And complete on the fifth day.

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