The Repaint Specialists’ Colour Guide To Help Beat The Winter Blues!

When we think about repainting our environments, we often think about what is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. However; there is so much more behind the colour of your interior walls than you could ever imagine!

For decades psychiatrist have been linking colors and shades to our moods and mental wellbeing. The evidence is monumental, and we have even seen how colours on logos and in offices can affect customers and co-workers alike! Read more about the effect colours have on us as consumers here!

But, what about the colours we see with EVERY DAY? What about the colours we blanket ourselves in when we are at our most vulnerable?

After a hard day at work or school, are you returning to a place that brings you back to center or subconsciously sabotages you by increasing your anxiety?

The Repaint Specialists encourage you to take a walk around your home and mindfully explore the moods of each room.

The ‘Winter Blues’ is common and has a profound effect on many of us. In Edmonton, the Winter Blues can be amplified by the cold days, long winters, and grey skies that seem to go on for days. The Repaint Specialists can’t bear to think of their local Edmonton community feeling that way in there own homes when something so simple as an interior repaint job can drastically improve their mood!

To help, The Repaint Specialists have come together to share some of their favorite colours for beating the winter blues!

Orange is a great color to help boost your energy and self-esteem. Physiatrists say that surrounding yourself with this colour may help you be more optimistic and help you shift your perspective on life’s situations. If you don’t like the idea of painting your whole room orange, try an accent wall or well placed orange accessories!

orange living room

Yellow is great for rejuvenation, depression, and lack of self-confidence! Like the sun, it can brighten up your grey day; however, also like the sun, it can stimulate your senses! Yellow may not be an appropriate color for a bedroom ( especially if you suffer from sleep disorders), but a splash of yellow in the kitchen or study may be just what you need!

grey and yellow kitchen

Purple tends to inspire the mind and bring out your spirituality (regardless of your beliefs). It can bring out a sense f belonging, self-respect, and dignity. Many experts agree that if you suffer from anxiety, depression, stress, or low self-esteem then purple is an excellent choice!

purple dining room

Green brings harmony and balance to you and your room. Help clear your mind, beat anxiety, and melt away stress by renewing your energy with a harmonious green! Lush green plants are another great addition to any room that you want to liven up!

If you are looking for some help selecting the right shade for your space, give The Repaint Specialists a call today!

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