Cabinet Colour Change – Spray Painting Kitchen Cabinets

A cabinet color change is the perfect way to update your cabinets and the palette of your kitchen, without burning a hole in your wallet. While your current cabinets might appear drab and outdated, a simple color change can give them, and your kitchen, a stunning new look. Are you looking for a colour match for your existing color scheme? We can do that for you we color match our paint with a 98.2% Accuracy.

Paint – What kind of paint do we use?

As you may know many good things come from Italy and paint for kitchen cabinets is one of them. We use Italian lacquer for the very best durable and lasting finish for your kitchen cabinets.  

In addition the paint we use is a water based paint meaning there is a great reduction in harmful chemicals and compounds found in other mineral based paints. Water-based wood coatings for interiors offers drastic reduction in volatile organic compounds, excellent resistance to yellowing, perfect fill and remarkable aesthetic finish.

Learn more about Benjamin Moore COMMAND paint.

How the Paint is Applied to your kitchen cabinets makes all the difference to your renovation

Be Careful Who You Hire – Cabinet painting and refinishing isn’t something the average house painting company can do because it requires a higher level of skill and training. The term painting your kitchen cabinets is some what redundant as we actually will be spraying your finish onto your kitchen cabinets.

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