The Edmonton Business Owner’s Guide To Painting For Success

Do you have a local Edmonton business that’s dying for a makeover? Maybe, you are getting ready for your big launch and want it to look perfect. Well, The Repaint Specialists¬† got a treat for you! We often give a lot of consideration to the colour we place in our rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, or living […]

Interior Painting Tips Courtesy of Edmonton Painters – The Repaint Specialists

We get it! You live a busy life filled with work, family, errands, and Netflix. As a result this DIY project you’ve had on the go has been resting on the back burner for months! It’s finally the long weekend, and are you going camping? No way. You are going to be staying home to […]

How To Choose A Paint Expert Like A Pro

You’ve finally decided it’s time for a change of scenery! The kitchen looks dreary, the living room drab, and we won’t even mention the bathroom: enough is enough! You pick up your phone and google Top house painters in Edmonton, Alberta, but there are so many to choose from. How do you decide? That’s where […]