How To Remove Mildew From Almost Any Surface of Your Edmonton Home

Mildew affects us all at one point or another; however, when it starts to get out of hand it can be both unsightly and dangerous! What is Mildew? Mildew is a fungus that typically grows on the surface of a damp area. It is usually characterized as patches of grey or white. Unlike mold, it […]

Edmonton’s Top Painters Presents: How To Paint Over Your Outdated Brick

The city of Edmonton has been around since 1785 (known simply as Fort Edmonton then) and is home to many historic buildings and Victorian styled homes.  Both, of which, are famous for incorporating brick into the architecture. Brick can be a beautiful element to any room or home exterior. In fact, many interior designers love to […]

How To Paint Your Fence Like A Repaint Specialist!

With just one week until the end of summer, now is a great time to complete those unfinished tasks around the yard: like that old fence you’ve meant to paint since last summer! Painting your fence can seem like a daunting chore–especially if you have been blessed with a spacious yard–, but with a little […]

Should I Buy My Own Paint To Save Money?

You are finally ready to take the plunge, and repaint your family home. You’re excited to get started, but you know, this time, you may not be the right one to get the job done. An important task like this, requires a team of high quality professionals who know exactly what they are doing, and […]

HELP! What Comes First, The Trim or The Wall?

Question: “My wife and I are excited to get started transforming our living room! We picked up all the supplies and did all the prep work as you suggested, but as soon as we picked up the paint brush, we hit a dead end and an interesting debate! Which do you paint first? The trim […]