Key Benefits To Hiring An Edmonton Paint Specialist

We’ve all been there! You’re watching T.V., and that new home decorating show comes on. It’s amazing what these everyday¬†people can accomplish on a small budget! In fact, it’s downright inspiring! You start looking around the room, and you realize it needs some serious sprucing up, and you are just the person to do it! […]

Should I Buy My Own Paint To Save Money?

You are finally ready to take the plunge, and repaint your family home. You’re excited to get started, but you know, this time, you may not be the right one to get the job done. An important task like this, requires a team of high quality professionals who know exactly what they are doing, and […]

How To Choose A Paint Expert Like A Pro

You’ve finally decided it’s time for a change of scenery! The kitchen looks dreary, the living room drab, and we won’t even mention the bathroom: enough is enough! You pick up your phone and google Top house painters in Edmonton, Alberta, but there are so many to choose from. How do you decide? That’s where […]