Repainting Your Bathroom- The Right Way!

Every morning, before we start our day, most of us head to the bathroom to make ourselves over? But, when was the last time you gave your bathroom a makeover?

A bathroom is, arguably, one of the most important rooms in any household; however, often, this space can become the most neglected. In fact, even if you have taken the time to polish your taps, clean the porcelain, and empty the drains, your bathroom may begin to show serious signs of wear and tear within just a few years. This is all thanks to the high levels of humidity experienced in most bathrooms that can do a number on painted walls, ceilings, and wallpapers!

Thinking it’s time to get started repainting your bathroom? WAIT!

While painting a bathroom is simple enough, it isn’t as straightforward or obvious as you may think.

Choosing the wrong paints or neglecting proper application can cause your beautiful new bathroom walls to be worn and peeling within weeks, let-alone years.

The Repaint Specialists want to make sure you are set up for success, so here are a few simple rules to follow to ensure your bathroom will look awesome, and remain in great shape for years to come!

Rule #1: Preparation

You will notice a common thread within our blogs, and that is that rule number 1 is almost always prep work! This is because the first step in any painting job is to prepare the surfaces. It cannot be stressed enough how important this is, as a few hours getting the surfaces right will mean less chance of the paint peeling in the months to come.

  • Cover all surfaces, especially the bath, taps and shower. You don’t want to risk scratching your taps and faucets trying to scrape hard to remove paint splatter!
  • Remove any old paint with a paint scraper.
  • Make sure all holes or cracks are filled with a filler designed specifically for bathroom use.
  • If the surface has been painted previously with a gloss paint, you should use a solvent designed to “de-gloss” the paint. This will allow the new paint to adhere better.
  • Clean the walls with a sugar soap, being careful to wash off any residue. Vacuuming to remove all remaining dust is also a good idea.
  • Use a primer specifically made for high humidity. These primers are most likely going to be oil based and will help prevent moisture from getting into the wall!

Rule #2:  Selecting The Right Paint

Think about your bathroom area. Do you have good ventilation? Is there always water drops dripping down the walls after a hot shower? There are plenty of paints designed specifically for bathrooms on the market these days. Some have higher water resistant properties than others and you need to choose the one which suits your circumstances.

Flat or eggshell paints should be avoided. They are not easily washed, and as a result, they tend to show water spots and humidity stains, creating a grungy look.

Matt paint which has been designed for bathrooms is now available. It is easier to apply than gloss and will work well.

Satin paint is better suited for bathrooms where there is little moisture in the air. Satin paint might be ideal for little-used rooms such as half bathrooms without showers/tubs, or rarely used guest bathrooms.

Semi-gloss has a high sheen and repels moisture making it a great choice for most bathrooms

High-gloss is considered to be the best paint for bathrooms because it is the best repellent of water. Unfortunately, it can be a bit unforgiving, showing every little bump and imperfection which makes it more difficult for amateur painters to apply.

Rule #3: Maintenance 

If you have followed the advice above, then you have set the foundation for a great looking bathroom, long term. However, there are a few simple things you can to do, so that you can enjoy the look even longer!

  • Open windows during or after showers to help with ventilation.
  • Clean your painted surfaces regularly, especially if you notice mould developing. This can destroy the condition of the paint leading to peeling and chipping.
  • Place tiles around baths and sinks to avoid any constant large splashes that will eventually break down the paint (even the best indoor wall paint can’t withstand large amounts of water)

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How To Refinish Your Patio Deck In 3 Easy Steps!

It’s the season for backyard barbecues and evening parties! We know you are ready, but is your deck?

No need to panic!

Let us show you how you can have your deck ready for the weekend in just 3 easy steps! Heck, with the right tools and preparation it shouldn’t take more than a day!

Step 1: Plan ahead

Choose the appropriate cleaners and stains for your project. Don’t assume all are created equal! The current condition of your plays a huge role on what products are going to give you the best results. Ask your local paint specialist to point you in the right direction! Don’t forget to pick up all the tools and supplies needed before hand to avoid untimely runs to the store! Your paint specialist should be able to help you with this too!

Step 2: Prepare The Deck

Like with most painting projects, getting the deck clean is an essential step for success. Sweep the deck thoroughly of all leaves dirt and debris. Next, apply a liberal amount of your chosen high quality cleaner and allow to set for about 15 minutes. Now scrub, scrub, scrub with a firm bristled, synthetic scrub brush!!! Once you are satisfied that the deck is completely clean and stain free, you can simply grab a garden hose and spray it clean! Make sure to get all cleaning residue off. Once the deck is completely dry, you can lightly sand the new wood of any remaining residue!

Step 3: Application

Staining your deck is easy if you use a high quality paint stain from trusted brands such as Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, Behr, or Cloverdale. Before you begin, sprinkle a few drops of water on the wood. If the water sinks in, you are ready to begin. Working with the grain of the wood, apply the stain evenly using a 4” paint brush. Avoid staining in direct sunlight, and allow at least 4 hours for the first coat to dry before applying a second if needed.

Voila! Stand back and admire a job well done! Even though you are no doubt excited to begin using your new deck space, be sure to wait 24-48 hours before walking across the surface of the freshly stained wood.

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How To Create A Knockout Ceiling With A California Knockdown

When looking to improve your home’s interior, it becomes clear that even the most subtle details can have the greatest impact, and when you walk into a home, nothing screams 1970’s more than Popcorn ceilings!

You know the ones we’re talking about… Those popular, bumpy ceilings that were all the rage back in the day? Thanks to its ability to mask imperfections and proficiency to block out sound, Popcorn ceilings became the popular choice amongst home owners. It was also perfectly suited for rentals, so you are likely to find them in many apartments, even today!

Unfortunately, those little popcorn bumps also collect dust and cobwebs like nobody’s business, and to be honest, they are a little passe.

So, what to we do? Do we decide on a classic flat ceiling instead?

Well, depending on your needs, that may be a good option, and flat ceilings are gaining popularity in modern, high vault ceiling homes. However, the original practical allure of Popcorn ceilings still remains popular today, even among the most modern and trendy individuals, and flat ceilings are unforgiving when it comes to aesthetic defects and acoustic dampening!

But don’t worry! The world isn’t so black and white anymore! Today, more and more options are becoming available, and the California Knockdown ceiling is creating quite a name for itself!

The California Knockdown brings the best of both worlds together with a modern edge, great sound barrier, the ability to mask imperfections, and a few added benefits the out-of-date Popcorn ceilings simply don’t have: most notably the ability to stay cleaner, longer, and change the vibe of a room without drawing attention to itself.

Curious as to how a California Knockdown is achieved?

Take a look at a project The Repaint Specialists were working on a few weeks ago!

The Repaint Specialists were tasked with taking this vacant, water damaged rumpus room in the Westridge district of Edmonton, Alberta, and turning it into something fresh and new!

1) We move all the furniture and breakable items out of the room if possible.

2) Next, we mask and drape the walls, furniture, and floors completely to avoid any damage or unwanted splatter.

 3) Dust tends to get everywhere and can be hard to clean, that is why we wet the ceilings before scraping to eliminate as much dust as possible.

4) Then, we scrape all textured ceilings flat.

5) We repair any spots or damages needed to ensure a smooth even finish.

6) Once smooth, we spray all the ceilings with high quality paint ( 2 coats required), and  Let it dry completely, overnight.

7) Finally, we are now ready to apply Span​-Tex, a product which we let dry for a few minutes  before we flatten the splatter to form a very decorative, modern,  ceiling called “California Knockdown”. 

Take a look for yourself; our clients were very satisfied with their new ceiling!

Before California Knockdown
After California Knockdown

Rest assured, a California Knockdown will add both texture and dimension to your home without compromising functionality!

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Can You Paint Over Your Exterior Vinyl? Find Out What The Experts Have To Say!


You betcha! With the cost of living so high, there is no need to go replacing perfectly good siding; however, painting over exterior vinyl siding is no small task, and requires meticulous planning and preparation. Get this right, and your results will be stunning!


When painting your vinyl siding, you want to ensure it not only looks great, but it will last for years to come. This is where planning ahead and proper preparation comes into play. Save yourself from future headaches, disappointment, and wasted cash by NOT RUSHING OVER THIS STEP! If you want your painted siding to turn out, your going to need to break out the elbow grease and clean, clean, clean! We can not emphasize this enough: without an extremely clean surface, the paint will not be able to adhere properly and your efforts will all have been for nothing. You will likely need the assistance of a power washer and a good old fashion washcloth and bucket for more delicate areas such as windows. Take your time, and be thorough! You may also want to consider investing in a quality primer if your siding is very old or in rough shape.




Vinyl siding can be temperamental in relation to the fact that it tends to expand and contract significantly during heat waves and frigid temperatures. Unfortunately, here in Edmonton, we are no stranger to sudden harsh weather changes and unpredictable weather patterns. Therefore, it’s crucial to be selective and conscientious about finding the right kind of paint. Don’t step over a dollar to save cent! 

Let’s discuss what to look for:

  • A latex urethane paint designed specifically for exterior use is a must have.
  • You need to look for a paint that accommodates the expansion and contraction of your vinyl siding. This means it should contain acrylic and urethane resins. Doing so will increase durability and longevity as it will adhere better to your siding and/or primer!
  • Remember, you want to avoid extreme hot and cold temperatures as much as possible, so avoid going with dark colours as they tend to retain heat. Instead, try selecting a paint colour that either matches or is a few shades lighter than your current siding.

If you need help selecting the perfect paint, we here at The Repaint Specialists are always willing to lend you our expert advice, and help you achieve your goals!


It’s a well known fact that you shouldn’t be painting on a very hot or extremely cold day, and let’s be honest, who would want to anyway? However, when painting exterior vinyl, you are going to have to take extra precautions! While it can be hard to see into the future, and the forecast is often misleading, try and plan for a mild day with little to no wind (you wouldn’t want to undo all that prep work you just did, and your elbows would never forgive you!) For the best luck with weather conditions, consider taking on this project during the spring and autumn months. If all else fails, bribe the weather man: that should work, right?

It’s Not As Intimidating As It Sounds

Painting your vinyl siding doesn’t have to be as intimidating as it sounds. Set yourself up for success: Plan ahead, take your time, and invest in quality products (Behr, Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, and Cloverdale are all great choices), and you will be enjoying the sight of your home in no time!

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Top Colour Trends For Your Home 2018

Things are finally starting to heat up here, and while you might be trading your own coat in for a stylish pair of sandals, it’s the perfect time to get a brand new one for your home! Just like you, your home wants to be wearing the hottest trends of 2018. Thanks to Behr, The Repaint Specialists have got you covered!

So, what’s 2018 all about? Mindfulness!

That’s right. Take a look around town, and you are going to find you won’t need much convincing. There are yoga studios on every street corner, healthier menu options from fast food to fine dining, meditation time in schools, green tea on coffee breaks, and enough fro-yo places to make you forget ice cream ever existed! It’s time to face it. Zen is in, and what better way to set our intentions and mindful attitude than creating a conducive atmosphere in our everyday lives?

However, with so many colours to choose from, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, frustrated, and give up the idea all together. To help you keep your Zen, we’ve taken a look at Behr’s Top 20 Colour Trends of 2018, and created our own– condensed list– of Top 5 favourite colour picks.

Without further ado. . .

Our Top 5 Home Colour Picks Of 2018

  1.  In The Moment– Also, Behr’s #1 Trending Paint Colour of 2018, this beautiful shade of bluish-grey brings a sense of tranquility and reflection to any room!
  2. Soul Search– Here, a more obvious blue tone brings a charging energy similar to being near a cool creak, deep in the beauty of nature. If you close your eyes, you can almost smell the fresh water as it passes you by.
  3. Unplugged– Head spinning? No problem! Get grounded after a chaotic day while surrounding yourself with this earthy olive-brown.
  4. Equilibrium– Is your energy changing daily? Can’t decide what your looking for? Earthy and rich, Equilibrium brings balance and energy to you and your home, even when you feel out of sync.
  5. Nurturing– Nurture your soul, and bring a taste of the outdoors inside with a splash of nurturing green! This refreshing paint colour is perfect for full room coverage, or creating an energizing accent space.

    None of these Behr colours creating the vibe you’re looking for?

Check out all 20 colours on Behr’s Top Colour Trends 2018, or explore their vast colour selection @

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