Proper Exterior and Interior Paint Storage- Tips from The Repaint Specialists in Edmonton

As a homeowner, you have probably collected a few paint tins here and there, and paint cans, as you probably already know, can take up a lot of space.

So, what do you do with them?

Many people come to the conclusion that storing them in the shed or garage is the best way to keep them out of site. However, depending where you live, that may not be the most suitable option…and here, in Edmonton? It isn’t!

If you have invested in good quality paint from respectable companies like Behr, Benjamin Moore, Clover-dale, or Sherwin-Williams, then there is no doubt you want to save those left overs for future products—instead of throwing away your cash and burning more later.

Luckily, if stored correctly, both interior and exterior paint can last a LONG time! On average, Latex paints can last about 10 years, while Solvent or oil-based paints can keep on truckin’ for 15 years!

Let’s take at what The Repaint Specialists have to say about storing that paint successfully while keeping it off your hallway floor!

1. Make sure your paint can is sealed nice and tight to stop the drying out process. There is nothing worse (okay, maybe there are a lot worse things, but it still isn’t pleasant) than opening what used to be a half full can of paint, to find it all dried out. If paint has seeped into the grooves of the can, you can wipe it out with a clean cloth. We suggest you avoid using a hammer to tap the lid closed as this can damage and distort the lid, defeating the purpose of sealing it in the first place. Instead, use a rubber mallet, or place a board on top of the can and hammer the board until the lid below in closes.

2. Now it’s time to find the perfect spot to store it. Remember how we said not the garage? This is because extreme temperatures, hot or cold, can ruin perfectly good paint. You may have noticed, that here in Edmonton, Alberta, we experience some extreme temperature fluctuations! Find a cool dark place in your home where the temperature stays relatively the same. Think closet, cupboard, or basement. If choosing a basement, be sure to put it on a shelf of the floor to avoid moisture buildup and rust in the can. Keep it away from cold windows or hot furnaces. Extreme heat can actually cause oil based paints to catch fire, which will cost you a lot more than a ruined can of paint.

3. Now that you know paint is best stored in the house, you may be concerned about storage space. If you have a few half cans of the same paint, go ahead and mix those together or, you can even transfer unused paint into more convenient sealable jars! Remember to label each jar with the brand, paint name, purchase date, and mixture number. Psst…now you finally have an excuse to go an buy that label maker!

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Interior Painting Tips Courtesy of Edmonton Painters – The Repaint Specialists

We get it!

You live a busy life filled with work, family, errands, and Netflix. As a result this DIY project you’ve had on the go has been resting on the back burner for months!

It’s finally the long weekend, and are you going camping? No way. You are going to be staying home to do the responsible thing and ‘Get ‘er Done!’

Holding cocktail on a tropical beach

With any luck, there will still be some time to hit the beach when your done #adulting!


We are all for getting things done in a timely fashion, but before you head out that door to show off your hot new swimwear and iconic sunglasses (where did you get those beauties anyway?!) let’s make sure you aren’t making any of these common Time Saving Mistakes!

1. Rushing the Prep Work

This definitely isn’t the funnest part of the job, even if your name is Martha Stewart. Without a doubt, washing, patching, and caulking walls can be tedious and time consuming tasks; however, there is absolutely no substitute for thorough prep work if you want a great-looking paint job, and it will save you time and money in the long run!

2. Not Sanding Walls

For a truly professional, lump-free finish, remember to sand your walls before you start applying your paint. Sanding gets rid of bumps, imperfections, and roller lint that may have been left on from other previous paint jobs. For best results, try to use a drywall sanding pole and 80- or 100-grit drywall sanding paper. You can definitely use a handheld sanding block, it just means you may have to wait a little longer to get going.

3. Trying to Cover in One Coat

The beach will be there tomorrow! It’s a terrible idea to slather on a thick coat of paint in an attempt to finish quickly. For starters, one coat rarely covers well—yes, even dark colours! In addition, a thick coat of paint will most likely run, take days to dry, and look terrible when finished. Instead, take your time, and apply two thin, even coats. We promise you will get much better results!

4. Painting Over Partially Dried Paint

At this point we know you are in a hurry to have this project finished. You’ve spent the time prepping, sanding and you even resisted the urge to do one coat. Now, can’t you just apply that second coat and be done with it? We know it’s hard to wait, especially, when you can’t control time; however, painting over paint that’s not completely dry is only going to undo all the good you’ve done so far. The worst-case scenario is that you’ll loosen the partially dry paint and it will start to come off onto your brush or roller, creating a real mess, and putting you back to the start. Even if this doesn’t happen, painting over paint that’s not dry can cause adhesion problems or slower drying times. Just follow the drying time instructions on the paint can, and you and your walls will be in good shape…The good news? Waiting for the first coat to dry is a great time to take a little TLC time, and head to that beach. Go on, you deserve it, and when you get back, you can finish up and go camping next weekend!

Really don’t want to miss out on this week’s camping trip? Let The Repaint Specialist take care of your home!

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Imagine coming home from your mini vacation, free from tedious prep; manual labour; wait times; and clean up, only to find your rooms rejuvenated!

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How To Create The Illusion Of Space In Any Home

Small homes can offer up a variety of fantastic benefits.

First off, they are cozy, and often very energy efficient—making them cheaper to cool and heat. They tend to cost less to maintain, and are much quicker to get clean! Despite all the benefits of small home living, there are definitely some drawbacks.

At first, the smaller rooms can feel homey, and comfortable; however, small spaces can become cramped quite quickly, and can leave you feeling claustrophobic. The cramped feeling can cause you to become irritable and frustrated, ultimately leading to the resentment of your living space, and you should never hate your home!

So, should one opt out of small home living, and invest in a large home? No.

While large houses make great homes too, there is absolutely no reason to give up on your small home!

Did you know you can actually experience the feeling of spacious living without knocking down the walls  or preforming expensive renos on your small house or apartment?

Yep! It’s true. You can have all the benefits that come with living in smaller spaces with the bonus of feeling like you can really stretch out, and all it takes is a little coat of paint!

Betcha didn’t see that coming!

Now, I know you might think we are a little biased when it comes to paint, but we promise with these 5 Simple Paint Tricks your spaces will seem brighter, fresher, and bigger in no time!

How To Create The Illusion Of Space In Any Home

Use Light Paint Colours: Using light colours like cool blues or creams to help reflect the light off your walls. This will help the room look brighter, cleaner and bigger! Try colours like Soft Focus, Kombucha, or Quite Time from Behr to get your home looking bright and trendy

 Extend Your Ceiling Down The Wall: You can give your low ceiling a lift by simply extending your ceiling down the wall. Mark a line around the perimeter of the room four to six inches down from the ceiling. Fill in that area with your light ceiling paint color. You’ve just increased the height of your ceiling with this handy paint trick! 

Paint The Trim Lighter: If you have dark walls, painting the trim a lighter colour will actually help open the space up and push the walls back. If you already have white walls, painting the trim the same colour is the best way to go!

Use Vertical and Horizontal Stripes: Using stripes to trick the eye is a great way to give the illusion of space, and this look it totally in! Use horizontal stripes to make a narrow room look big, and vertical stripes to give the illusion of a higher ceiling!

Use Monochromatic Paint: Try using one colour scheme throughout the room, in different shades and textures. This includes the furniture, flooring, and walls to keep things “clean,” which also creates the illusion of space.

Decorating not your forte?

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Finding The Perfect Paint Sheen For Your Walls

It’s no big secret!

Walls don’t stay perfect — however, the paint sheen you choose can have a drastic effect on whether or no you hide your walls imperfections or amplify them.

You may have heard the term, but what exactly is Sheen, anyway?

No, no, not the actor!

Sheen” refers to the amount of gloss in the paint. It might not sound like much, but it can dramatically affect the texture of your wall and the overall effect on your space. The Repaint Specialists can help you pick the perfect paint sheen that will best suit your needs! Whether your home is suffering from kids colouring on the walls to general bumps and scrapes along the way, we can help you!


Though it’s always preferable to get an opinion that’s specifically tailored for your space, there’s always a few of general tips of the trade to live by.

During your preliminary planning, try and keep these tips in mind:

  • A lighter colour paired with a flatter paint sheen will create the most coverage of imperfections. If you have many bumps and dents in your wall, then this is certainly the way to go!
  • However, the darker a colour is and the the greater the sheen or high gloss paint you choose, the easier it is to wash. ATTENTION PARENTS: The Repaint Specialists recommend a darker and glossier colour for those spaces that tend to get more dirty than others — or for where little hands and crayons can reach.
  • The only Sheen that can’t be used is Charlie…


Let go of past experiences and embrace some change. It’s easy to avoid using a sheen you’ve had before if it made for a negative experience — even if all advice points to that sheen for your needs. Remember, not all paints are created equal. High quality premium paints like those from Sherwin-Williams, Behr, Cloverdale, and Benjamin Moore are incomparable to those low quality paints often seen in basic rental apartments and basement suits. You get what you pay for is certainly true in the paint department!


Sometimes, no matter what your needs are, your personal preference takes a front seat. For example: a high gloss sheen is something you have never liked, or the idea of a flat sheen simply isn’t working for you. Luckily, there’s always a happy medium.

Que Eggshell. That’s right eggshell! Did you know Eggshell is, in fact, not a colour at all, like some people think, but a sheen — you can get any colour in an eggshell sheen! It’s got a healthy, muted gloss that is easier to clean than a flat, but not so much that it’s overly shiny. Because of its versatility, it is a popular “go to” and a favourite for those spaces where you really need a little bit of the best of both worlds.

Looking for professional guidance on selecting which sheen is best for your space?

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5 Small Changes To Transform Your Home’s Exterior

Did you know that you can completely transform your home’s exterior in just one day? Yes, you read that right: ONE DAY!

The best part? You don’t even have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on extravagant home renovations or costly landscaping.

That means you can spend more money on the important things. For example, building a pool to splash away the summer heat in, or buying your wife that new pandora bracelet charm when you’re in the dog house. You’re welcome!

Dying to know the secret? Good; because we are dying to tell you!

Keep scrolling!

Say “Goodbye” to weeks of inconvenient upgrades, strangers coming and going through your yard, and interrupted family schedules.

Are you ready? Here it comes!

The answer is. . . paint!

Wait, wait, wait! I know that may seem anticlimactic, and even down right biased, but here us out!

The thing is, you don’t have to paint your whole house. In fact, with the right colour and application techniques, you don’t have to paint much at all!

Pro Tip: Contrast is Key

5 Small Changes To Transform Your Home’s Exterior

1  Paint Your Shutters. By simply repainting your shutters, you can refresh your home with little effort or cost!

Repaint Your Exterior Trim. With the right contrast, you can dramatically change the way your home looks. You can easily go from country bright to modern chique in a matter of hours!

3  Paint Your Front Entrance. Your entrance way is the first experience visitors have with your home. Keep it fresh, and let it reflect who you are as you change.

4  Reinvent Your Garage Door. For most homes, the garage door is on of the most noticeable features from the street. Keep your home looking impressive for yourself, and passers by.  Matching the front door to the garage door is a great way to give your home personality!

5  Change Up The Driveway!  That’s right! Think outside of the box, and redo your driveway to give your home an impressive, unique quality that no one can ignore!

Any one of the above paint jobs will impact your homes exterior in a positive way; however, you may be more of a Go Big or Go Home kinda person.

For an extreme transformation you can be proud of, choose 2 more of the above suggestions.

Schedule a day on the town, and leave the rest to us! By the time you get back home, we’ll have you wondering if you are in the right neighbourhood. Don’t worry — you won’t be alone! Your neighbours will be second guessing themselves as well!

Need some inspiration? Check out this professional home exterior paint project The Repaint Specialists were working on!

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