How To Choose A Paint Expert Like A Pro

You’ve finally decided it’s time for a change of scenery! The kitchen looks dreary, the living room drab, and we won’t even mention the bathroom: enough is enough! You pick up your phone and google Top house painters in Edmonton, Alberta, but there are so many to choose from. How do you decide? That’s where we come in!

You see, here at The Repaint Specialists Ltd, we don’t just care about your house, we care about you! The last thing we want is you feeling like you’ve made a poor choice in your investment. So, we are going to let you in on a little secret!

These are our ‘Top 5 Traits To Look For’ when choosing the best paint specialist for you! 

Do they:

1. Use High Quality Paints: When you choose to have your walls painted, you want them treated with the highest quality product there is. Don’t settle for cheap knock offs that save you a little money now, but force you to spend lots more later! Look for deluxe paint brands such as Benjamin Moore, Cloverdale,Sherwin-Williams and Behr, just to name a few.

2. Have A Warranty: A real professional takes pride in their work and puts their money where their mouth is! If you aren’t happy, they aren’t happy. If their work is as high quality as they are boasting, they shouldn’t be afraid to back it up with a guarantee!

3. Clean up: The worst part about hiring a paint contractor, or any contractor for that matter, is the fear that your home won’t be as clean as it was before you left. We’ve all heard the horror stories: “I came home and found paint chips on my carpet, I was cleaning up sanding dust for days, and they scratched my new hardwood while moving the fridge!” Make sure your paint specialist knows how important it is to keep your house as clean –if not cleaner– than it was before they arrived!

4. Act Reliably: Unreliability is a big deal breaker! When you choose a paint company, you need to know they will provide open communication, be there when they say they will, and won’t leave you hanging! Your time is valuable, and a true professional will know that!

5. Have A Good Reputation: When it comes to reputation, look no further than your own community! If you’re in Sherwood Park, then check out what the locals of Sherwood Park and St. Albert are saying! You want to make sure the quality is consistent, so don’t be afraid to ask for a list of references!

So, now that you know what to look for, you may be asking yourself where do I look?

Obviously, you can start by checking out websites, and reading google reviews! However, don’t discredit the value of word of mouth, and be sure to pick up the phone, and call the paint specialists your most interested in. When you get off the phone, you should feel that when you invest in them, they invest twice as much in you!