5 Fall Maintenance Tips for The Edmonton Home Owner- From The Repaint Specialists

BRRRRR! Did you feel that chill last night because we sure did!

Here in Edmonton, we are heading fast into the winter season, and The Repaint Specialists know first hand that a little proactive maintenance can go a long way to keeping your home’s exterior looking flawless and saving you money!

Every year, homeowners like you make little mistakes that end up costing them thousands. Luckily, The Repaint Specialists are going to let you in on the secret of successful fall maintenance for a stress-free winter.

If you want to keep your toes warm, wallet full, and paint job new then keep reading!

5 Fall Maintenance Tips for The Edmonton Home Owner

Taking care of Business

Before you can even begin to prevent potential problems from occurring, you need to seek out current ones. Carefully inspect the exterior of your home looking for paint chips, peelings, or cracks. Mold and mildew could be hiding in the wood and not only damage your home, but also pose serious health risks! Repairing current damages now will save you a whole lot of hassle later. Trust us!



No doubt you’ve taken a cloth or two your interior walls (even if it was just that one wall…that one time…), but if you’re conscious about your home maintenence procedures, then you may already know how beneficial it is to clean your exterior walls in the spring too! However, did you know it is equally as important to take a pressure washer to your home during the autumn months? Removing mold, mildew, and other contaminants that could ruin the integrity of your paint is essential!


Those pretty little bushes that graze the side of your home may look beautiful during the summer, but they can wreak havoc on your home during the winter. If left alone, those bushes and shrubs could scrape against your home’s exterior and cause a bad case of wood rot. Take a little time to do some light landscaping and trim those branches back. It’s well worth the time and is virtually cost-free!


Caulking Repairs

Making sure your caulking is in tip-top shape can protect your home from moisture damage and rot while keeping your home more energy efficient. This means you save money, not only on fewer/less expensive home repairs but also on your energy bill. Your warm toesies will thank you too on those particularly frosty nights Edmonton is famous for!

clearing the gutters

Your gutters are an essential component to keeping your home safe from potentially hazardous water buildup. During autumn as the leaves begin to fall, they can clog up your gutters and cause a whole host of water-related problems. Clean them up now before the snow comes!

Don’t wait too long before starting your winter maintenance routine! If you follow the above advice from The Repaint Specialists you’re sure to be on the right path to keeping your home’s exterior gorgeous for another year!

Stuck on tip number one? No problem!

Let The Repaint Specialists take care of those exterior paint cracks and chips!

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