The Repaint Specialists’ Colour Guide To Help Beat The Winter Blues!

When we think about repainting our environments, we often think about what is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. However; there is so much more behind the colour of your interior walls than you could ever imagine!

For decades psychiatrist have been linking colors and shades to our moods and mental wellbeing. The evidence is monumental, and we have even seen how colours on logos and in offices can affect customers and co-workers alike! Read more about the effect colours have on us as consumers here!

But, what about the colours we see with EVERY DAY? What about the colours we blanket ourselves in when we are at our most vulnerable?

After a hard day at work or school, are you returning to a place that brings you back to center or subconsciously sabotages you by increasing your anxiety?

The Repaint Specialists encourage you to take a walk around your home and mindfully explore the moods of each room.

The ‘Winter Blues’ is common and has a profound effect on many of us. In Edmonton, the Winter Blues can be amplified by the cold days, long winters, and grey skies that seem to go on for days. The Repaint Specialists can’t bear to think of their local Edmonton community feeling that way in there own homes when something so simple as an interior repaint job can drastically improve their mood!

To help, The Repaint Specialists have come together to share some of their favorite colours for beating the winter blues!

The Repaint Specialists’ Colour Guide to Help Beat The Winter Blues


Orange is a great color to help boost your energy and self-esteem. Physiatrists say that surrounding yourself with this colour may help you be more optimistic and help you shift your perspective on life’s situations. If you don’t like the idea of painting your whole room orange, try an accent wall or well placed orange accessories!


Yellow is great for rejuvenation, depression, and lack of self-confidence! Like the sun, it can brighten up your grey day; however, also like the sun, it can stimulate your senses! Yellow may not be an appropriate color for a bedroom ( especially if you suffer from sleep disorders), but a splash of yellow in the kitchen or study may be just what you need!


Purple tends to inspire the mind and bring out your spirituality (regardless of your beliefs). It can bring out a sense f belonging, self-respect, and dignity. Many experts agree that if you suffer from anxiety, depression, stress, or low self-esteem then purple is an excellent choice!


Green brings harmony and balance to you and your room. Help clear your mind, beat anxiety, and melt away stress by renewing your energy with a harmonious green! Lush green plants are another great addition to any room that you want to liven up!

If you are looking for some help selecting the right shade for your space, give The Repaint Specialists a call today!

Feel like hibernating? Let The Repaint Specialists do the work for you! With three different locations located in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, and St. Albert, The Repaint Specialists make it easy for you!


Will changing the colour of your walls rid you completely of depression? No.

But it can help, and you can beat this!

Remember to talk to your friends, family, and health care providers and utilize your resources for the best possible treatment plan.

There is always someone willing to listen @ 1-833-456-4566

For more resources and help dealing with a mental illness go to The LifeLine Canada Foundation



The DIY Guide To Synchronizing Your Paint Colours- Tips From Your Edmonton Repaint Specialists

You’ve scrolled through Pinterest, obsessed over Instagram, creeped Facebook and looked up every home decor blog you could find on Google, so you should be set, right?

Yeah, sure! Except like most of us, you’ve probably picked about 50 colors that you love, and have no idea if they will go well together- Will that brilliant Obstinate Orange make a good accent wall against the Green Energy?

Now, we all know The Repaint Specialists are here to help, but some of us are hardcore DIYers, and The Repaint Specialists get that!  In fact, everyone at The Repaint Specialists is kind of a DIYer themselves; at least when it comes to painting! 😉

Even so, these Edmonton paint specialists hate the idea of you panicking in the paint isle only to give up and resort to a rental white. So, they are going to let you in on a little secret! Even the pros aren’t color matching savants! Well, maybe there are a few, but most of them have a secret weapon that allows them to match colors harmoniously, and you can use it too!

*Drumroll, please *

It’s called a color wheel! That’s right; that little wheel you used in elementary school to learn about colors and art is actually pretty useful!

Just in case you don’t remember, The Repaint Specialists are going to tell you how to use one!


If you look at the diagram above, you will notice that that the color wheel is broken into 3 sections. Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary. Familiarizing yourself with the color wheel and these terms will help. Now, let’s take a look at the three ways you can use a color wheel!

Complimentary colors

To select complimentary colors, you are going to use the old adage “Opposites Attract”. Pick a color on the color wheel then draw a straight line across the color wheel. These two colors are complimentary even though they are basically exact opposites. Remember, you don’t have to distribute equal color around the room. You can select an accent wall for one of the colors, or simply add artwork or furniture that matches!

Analogous colors

This is when you choose a color on the color wheel that is next to the color you are choosing. If we choose yellow the analogous colors would be yellow-green and yellow-orange. This type of color choice is great when you don’t want to match the exact color or if you want to use your furniture or accessories to create the dramatic colors in the room highlighting your walls. Quite often neutrals are used when highlighting the main color feature of your walls such as white, off whites, grays, and browns, or even black.

TriaD COlours

First, choose a color on the color wheel then draw an equilateral triangle to find the two other colors. You will notice that each color has 3 colors between them to form the triangle. Let’s choose violet, the other two colors will be orange and green. These colors would be the secondary colors. The approach organizes the colors in terms of purity but can be a little more difficult to work with. You also don’t need to choose all the colors available, just keep their relationship in the back of your mind!

Regardless of what you decide, as long as your home represents you, it is going to look great!

Pro Tips:
Utilize Paint Swatches
Splurge on Samples

Want to ensure your home looks it’s best?

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The Edmonton Business Owner’s Guide To Painting For Success

Do you have a local Edmonton business that’s dying for a makeover? Maybe, you are getting ready for your big launch and want it to look perfect.

Well, The Repaint Specialists  got a treat for you!

We often give a lot of consideration to the colour we place in our rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, or living areas. And, most of us know what colours make us feel good and why, but do you know what colours are going to make your customers feel good? We do!

Nowadays, it’s not enough to simply have a nice or creative space for your clients to come. The competition is too big not to pull out the big tricks. That’s why you need to really understand your products and what your customers are seeking out. Once you know that, you can prove what a savvy business owner you are by matching their needs to the colours on your wall.

All it takes is some good ole psychology folks!

Don’t worry! The Repaint Specialists wouldn’t make you do this alone.

The Repaint Specialists love to support their fellow Edmonton entrepreneurs, and to prove it, they’ve come up with a guide to  choosing the best colour for your business space.

The Edmonton Business Owner’s Guide To Painting For Success

Red Tomato-Behr

In our western culture, red is often associated with anger (maybe because we often see red writing in negative situations such as marking red on a test or a negative bank statement), however, red can also mean excitement, passion, playful, youth, and creativity. Studies show that the colour red is also associated with impulsive and reckless behaviour. This may seem like a great idea to get your customers to buy impulsively, but remember you and your employees have to work in it all day, so choose this colour wisely and for the right reasons!

Other Businesses That Use Red: Coca-Cola, Netflix, Target, Lego, Pintrest, CNN

Exciting Orange- Sherwin-Williams

Orange is a bold colour that represents a cheerful outlook, quality, friendly, and confident. It is usually associated with products and services that give you a good bang for your buck. While some higher end retailers have gotten away with using orange, it is typically saved for lower cost establishments.

Other Businesses That Use Orange: Home Depot, Payless, Fanta, Amazon, Nickelodeon


Monticello Yellow- Benjamin Moore

According to Forbes, yellow seems to be a hit or miss. People either love it or hate it. Either way, yellow is usually described as warmth, cheerfulness, optimism, and clarity. It can brighten up your customers day when they are feeling down!

Other Businesses That Use Yellow: Best Buy, McDonalds, Subway, Ikea, Pennzoil

Soul Search- Behr

Blue is one of the safest colours there is. Perhaps for the opposite reason as red, Blue seems to be a colour of positivity and good fortune. Business that incorporate blue tend to display trust, strength and dependability. Blue can also be seen as clinical.

Other Businesses That Use Blue: Dell, Walmart, Oral-B, Ford, Oreo, Vimeo, HP, American Express

Mermaid Song- Benjamin Moore

It’s no surprise that green resonates with growth and nature. It is used for many organic products and has a calming effect on those who are around it. It is also seen as a gentle trusting colour that represents health.

Other Business That Use Green: Whole Foods, Android, Starbucks, Animal Planet, Monster

Exclusive Plum- Sherwin Williams

Pink and purple may seem like feminine colours, but they have a powerful calming effect that can be perfect for rooms where conflict may take place. Generally associated with intelligence, creativity, and imagination,a little pink or purple may be just what your business needs!

Other Business That Use Pink/Purple: Hallmark, Big Brother, Big Sister, Barbie, Taco Bell, Cadbury

Simply White- Benjamine Moore

White can be great for a logo. It’s modern, calm, neutral and represents balance; however, you may want to avoid painting your room in all white. White is like a blank canvas for the mind, and if immersed in it too long, it is easy to get distracted from the task (or product) at hand. Think about how boring it is to live in an all white rental!

Other Businesses That Use White: Apple, Wikipedia, Hyundai, Mercedes, Nike


Now, you can select your wall colour with confidence knowing that your investment will not only make your room enjoyable to sit in, but keep your target market walking through your door again and again!

Time to get started? We agree!

Give your nearest Repaint Specialists a call today!


Key Benefits To Hiring An Edmonton Paint Specialist

We’ve all been there!

You’re watching T.V., and that new home decorating show comes on. It’s amazing what these everyday people can accomplish on a small budget! In fact, it’s downright inspiring!

You start looking around the room, and you realize it needs some serious sprucing up, and you are just the person to do it! No fancy contractors for you! Just some good ol’ ingenuity and elbow grease!


Before you head to the hardware stores, pawn shops, and hottest dumpster dive locations, let’s take a moment to think about all the ‘reality’ that this ‘reality’ renovation show it portraying.

Sure, it looks inexpensive and easy. The homeowners get discount paint, used furniture, and even made that amazing crafty chandelier for $29. Not to mention they accomplished it all in a weekend!

These shows run for one reason: to make money!

They take everyday people and put them under extraordinary circumstances to ensure a profitable job well done.

First, the producers get a killer deal on the majority of the products (sometimes free) for the publicity. Next, what seems like a short amount of time squished into an episode is actually days of non-stop grueling hours that drag on. Finally, those people are surrounded by experts every step of the way! Professional electricians, painters, restorators, designers, and more. When the show’s editors plug that shockingly low price into the bottom of your screen, they are counting for any of those professional’s wages.

Does this mean you can’t do it? Absolutely not!

With the right materials, enough time, and lots of practice, you could make your home beautiful all on your own, but for now, you might save yourself a headache, and hire a contractor for your big projects.

You can even get their expert advice for when you take on your next DIY project!

You don’t simply want to hire a contractor because we tell you, so I bet you’re wondering WHY you should hire a contractor.

The Repaint Specialists makes a pretty good point for why hiring a professional painting contractor might be in your best interests, so keep reading!



Experience can’t be bought; it’s earned. That’s what they say. Even if you start tomorrow, it would take a long time to obtain the experience one of your local painting experts has gained over the years. You’re not just hiring a painter; you’re beating the system and buying his/her experience and expertise from all the jobs past. Painting may seem like an easy subject to master, but a lot can go wrong, and your local Edmonton painters will know what to do when it does.

Expert Painters Have Expert Product Knowledge

When was the last time you strolled down the paint isle? All those labels –Latex, oil-based, low-VOCs, no-VOCs. Flat, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, high gloss, Behr, Cloverdale, Sherwin-Williams–  can get overwhelming and fast!  Painting contractors know which paint fits best in your home. Do you live with pets? Do you have kids? Do you suffer from allergies or sensitivities? No sweat! The Repaint Specialists can help select a paint or finish that is going to make your home look beautiful while making your life simple. Why? Because our customer’s satisfaction and a job well done is our passion!

Professional Painters Prep Before Painting

We know it tedious, and we mention it a lot. When painting your own home, it’s easy to get over excited about painting, or simply get bored and not give this step the attention it deserves. However, a repaint specialist will never skimp on the prep! We know how important this step is to the final look and longevity of the paint, and we go the extra mile to make sure it’s done right!

Professional Painters Add Value to Your Home

A professional painter adds value to your home. Whether you plan to sell it or live in it, you will see and feel that value every day.  When you hire one of Edmonton’s top paint specialists, it shows! From draping to clean up, you will know you are in good hands!

Interested in hiring a professional? Check out The Repaint Specialists’ amazing deals!

Do you still want to give this DIY thing a try? We understand!

Contact The Repaint Specialists, and they’ll point you in the right direction.


Edmonton’s Top Painters Presents: How To Paint Over Your Outdated Brick

The city of Edmonton has been around since 1785 (known simply as Fort Edmonton then) and is home to many historic buildings and Victorian styled homes.  Both, of which, are famous for incorporating brick into the architecture.

Brick can be a beautiful element to any room or home exterior. In fact, many interior designers love to utilize brick to add charm and texture to a space; however, brick done wrong can also make a room feel cold, dated, and dark.

Do you have an older home with outdated brick? Or, perhaps that old brick around your fireplace could use some sprucing up?

Edmonton’s most trusted painters, are here to help guide you out of the past and into the present!

Keep your homes victorian charm with a modern twist by picking up a paintbrush, and following…

The Repaint Specialists: Painting Brick Like A Pro

First and foremost, it’s important to have the right tools for the job!

Here is a list of items you will want to consider before beginning your brick transformations project.

Tools For Success
  • Wire scrub brush
  • Soap
  • Water
  • Trisodium phosphate (if necessary)
  • Paintbrush
  • Paint roller
  • Masonry or latex paint
  • Latex primer
  • Drop cloths
  • Painter’s tape


Prepping Like A Pro

Before you can begin any painting project, it is important to THOROUGHLY clean the area. This is especially important for brick as dust and grime can easily hide throughout the cracks and divets. You can use a wire brush and your soapy water to meticulously scrub the brick and remove any efflorescence or dirt. Once your brick has been cleaned, you’ll want to let it completely dry before painting. It’s also important to inspect the brick for any cracks or structural problems that may require repointing or some professional help.

How to Paint Brick

First, tape off any areas that you do not want painted. Then, begin by applying a quality latex or multipurpose primer to the brick. If mold or mildew was previously on the surface, you might need to apply multiple coats. Allow the primer dry completely. Next, you will want to use your roller or brushes to apply a paint formulated for masonry, or a latex paint, to the brick. Make sure to thoroughly apply an even coat to all the corners, cracks, and crevices! Follow the dry time indicated on your paint of choice (These Edmonton paint specialists suggest Behr, Cloverdale, Benjamine Moore, and Sherwin-Williams). If needed, apply multiple coats until the desired colour is reached!

Stuck on what colour to choose? Here are the top paint colors of 2018


  1. Make sure all your brick is clean and free from damage! This is extremely important. You can buy an acrylic caulk to repair any small cracks before starting your brick painting project; however, if the cracks or chipping is substantial, you will need to call in a professional!
  2. Avoid using acidic cleaners as this can significantly affect the final look!Sometimes, a project like this is easier to delegate to someone with more experience!

Give The Repaint Specialists a call, and we will take the pressure off!

To Remove Or Not To Remove? Wallpaper Tips From Edmonton’s Repaint Specialists

Through the years, wallpaper has faded in and out of fashion, but today, with so many choices, it’s simply a matter of preference; however, as we all know, preferences change!

When the wallpaper is installed correctly and well maintained, it can last greater than 15 years bringing colour, texture, and style to your home. However, as the years go on,  you may find that wallpaper you installed 10 years ago isn’t so chique today. Or, maybe, the years haven’t been as kind to your wallpaper as they have been to you (have you been working out?).  Regardless of the reason for making a change, a coat or two of this year’s trendiest paint colours can freshen up the room in no time!

Now that you’ve decided to make the change, it begs the question: “Do I remove the wallpaper, or do I paint over it?”

Right about now, you may be having flashbacks to horror stories about wallpaper removal. Hours of agonizing ripping and scratching at wallpaper only to find multiple layers behind or layers of drywall or plaster peeling away with the shredded wallpaper. It can be time-consuming, and an unbearable hassle; however, removing the wallpaper and starting fresh will always give you the best results with fewer issues now and in the future.

It’s okay, take a deep breath!

This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to remove all that wallpaper. In certain circumstances, painting over the wallpaper is a perfectly acceptable way to save time, sanity, and still accomplish a beautiful, long lasting finish that will wow your guest, and make you love your home. So, how do you know if it’s okay to paint over the wallpaper or not? The Repaint Specialists suggest the following:

It’s Time To Remove The Wallpaper:

Anytime your wallpaper has become loose, ripped or has holes, it should always be removed. Foresight is also our friend. Remember to consider what the future holds. Do you think you will want to go back to wallpaper in the future? Are you planning to live in your home for a long time? Wallpaper that has been painted over is excruciatingly difficult to remove and will create bigger problems when you decide to redecorate again.

Ripped wallpaper
Go Ahead And Paint Away:

Is your wallpaper in great shape? No peeling, slipping, holes, or bubbling? No water damage? Jump up and down for joy because you get to march over to your nearest hardware store and buy your favourite can of paint! Behr, Sherwin-Williams, Cloverdale, and Benjamin Moore are all excellent choices by the way. Before painting, it’s a good idea to add a coat of spackle so the wallpaper’s texture won’t show. Even though you will save time painting over the wallpaper, you will want to consider the above advice regarding removal as best practice!

PRO TIP: Use an oil-based primer to seal the adhesive in the paper and protect it from the moisture in the paint.

Are you pulling your hair out after noticing that droopy wallpaper?

Contact The Repaint Specialists today, and we’ll do it for you!

The Repaint Specialists are one of Edmonton’s leading interior and exterior painting experts. Rated among the top three paint expert on Google, we are proud to be serving the residents of St. Albert; Sherwood Park; and Edmonton, Alberta.



5 Fall Maintenance Tips for The Edmonton Home Owner- From The Repaint Specialists

BRRRRR! Did you feel that chill last night because we sure did!

Here in Edmonton, we are heading fast into the winter season, and The Repaint Specialists know first hand that a little proactive maintenance can go a long way to keeping your home’s exterior looking flawless and saving you money!

Every year, homeowners like you make little mistakes that end up costing them thousands. Luckily, The Repaint Specialists are going to let you in on the secret of successful fall maintenance for a stress-free winter.

If you want to keep your toes warm, wallet full, and paint job new then keep reading!

5 Fall Maintenance Tips for The Edmonton Home Owner

Taking care of Business

Before you can even begin to prevent potential problems from occurring, you need to seek out current ones. Carefully inspect the exterior of your home looking for paint chips, peelings, or cracks. Mold and mildew could be hiding in the wood and not only damage your home, but also pose serious health risks! Repairing current damages now will save you a whole lot of hassle later. Trust us!



No doubt you’ve taken a cloth or two your interior walls (even if it was just that one wall…that one time…), but if you’re conscious about your home maintenence procedures, then you may already know how beneficial it is to clean your exterior walls in the spring too! However, did you know it is equally as important to take a pressure washer to your home during the autumn months? Removing mold, mildew, and other contaminants that could ruin the integrity of your paint is essential!


Those pretty little bushes that graze the side of your home may look beautiful during the summer, but they can wreak havoc on your home during the winter. If left alone, those bushes and shrubs could scrape against your home’s exterior and cause a bad case of wood rot. Take a little time to do some light landscaping and trim those branches back. It’s well worth the time and is virtually cost-free!


Caulking Repairs

Making sure your caulking is in tip-top shape can protect your home from moisture damage and rot while keeping your home more energy efficient. This means you save money, not only on fewer/less expensive home repairs but also on your energy bill. Your warm toesies will thank you too on those particularly frosty nights Edmonton is famous for!

clearing the gutters

Your gutters are an essential component to keeping your home safe from potentially hazardous water buildup. During autumn as the leaves begin to fall, they can clog up your gutters and cause a whole host of water-related problems. Clean them up now before the snow comes!

Don’t wait too long before starting your winter maintenance routine! If you follow the above advice from The Repaint Specialists you’re sure to be on the right path to keeping your home’s exterior gorgeous for another year!

Stuck on tip number one? No problem!

Let The Repaint Specialists take care of those exterior paint cracks and chips!

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3 Reasons To Paint Your Home This Winter!

Hello winter, goodbye summer!

If you live in Edmonton, then you may be just as upset at this crazy winter weather as we are. It’s September after all, and there is still so much summer renovating to do!

While you may not be able to paint the shed or redo your shutters at the moment (let’s hope for a few warm days ahead in October), there are certainly still a few perks to winter interior painting.

If you’ve been putting off the kitchen paint job, freshening up your bathroom, or restyling your bedroom, then winter is the perfect time to get that done!

Sounds crazy, we know!

Well, keep reading!

Today, The Repaint Specialists are going to share with you why winter is actually a really great time to get your interior painting projects done, and what it means for your exterior paint projects!

The Repaint Specialists presents…

3 Great Reasons To Paint Your Interior This Winter


If you spent any time looking around hardware stores this summer, you might have been crunching up the number only to find that your newest paint endeavor was going to cost you a little more than you expected. If you want the job done right, then you are going to have to invest in quality paints like Behr, Benjamine Moore, Cloverdale, Sherwin-Williams, etc. Unfortunate, premium paints, well worth it, can also, mean premium price. Luckily, we know a secret! The summertime is typically a slow time for hardware stores and paint contractors alike. This means, if your savvy, you can probably cut yourself a good deal, and save a bit of money buying paint and hiring contractors in the winter!


Faster Drying Time

While there are many reasons painting in the summer is ideal, winter has the lovely perk of a faster drying time!  Less time equals less money! Summer air tends to be humid, and the more moisture in the air,  the longer you have to wait for the paint to dry. That holds up jobs, adds time to tasks, and generally makes an interior painting job a bit more expensive than it usually would be. But in the winter, with just a small crack of the window, those problems tend to disappear.

PRO TIP: Worried about the cold? Try closing the door to that room, and placing a rolled up towel against the bottom to seal in the cold air, and stop it from spreading a chill to other rooms in the house!  


Bigger Summer Budget

Finally, there is one of the best advantages of all! You may be having a hard time swallowing the delay of your summer painting, but The Repaint Specialists are all about silver linings. Think about it this way, by getting your interior projects done in the winter; you will be saving time and money for a bigger, better, more thought out exterior paint job that will wow everyone int he neighborhood. Take that Debera down the road who rushed into that exterior paint job which looks totally fabulous, but cost a fortune! Feel better?

The point is, all this cooler weather doesn’t mean you have to cancel your home painting plans, it just means prioritizing your project order, so you get the best bang for your buck!

Curious about the savings you could be making this winter?

Contact The Repaint Specilasits in Edmonton, Alberta, today!

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How To Paint Your Fence Like A Repaint Specialist!

With just one week until the end of summer, now is a great time to complete those unfinished tasks around the yard: like that old fence you’ve meant to paint since last summer!

Painting your fence can seem like a daunting chore–especially if you have been blessed with a spacious yard–, but with a little expert advice and the right tools, painting a fence can be a breeze!

Our experts at The Repaint Specialists like to remind our local Edmonton “DIYers” to check the weather conditions 24 hours beforehand and keep an eye out for any sudden changes. Edmonton, Alberta is great at throwing weather surprises, and you certainly don’t want to be caught painting your fence on a rainy or scalding hot day! Wait for dry conditions with comfortable temperatures. If it has rained in the recent past, be sure your fence is completely dry before setting up to paint.

A painter is only as good as his tools. Before you begin, you should always be sure you are equipped with the proper tools for the job. While you can use a brush, you will find that a brush sprayer is far more efficient at covering large areas, and it will save you quite a bit of time. Furthermore, brushes are best used for completing those hard to reach places and small sections.

The Repaint Specialists have said it before, and they will say it again…


Likewise, it’s equally important to purchase the CORRECT paint for the job. For example, if you chose to go ahead and use a brush sprayer, it is vital to buy the correct paint to go along with it. You will find these paints are generally thinner. You will also want to be sure your paint choice can hold up to weather changes and moisture. Try and purchase top-notch brands such as Behr, Benjamin Moore, Cloverdale, or Sherwin-Williams. 

If using a sprayer, invest in a safety mask, goggles, coveralls, and a drop sheet for the lawn!

Now that you have your supplies, it’s time for the most important step!

Preparing the fence:

The first step may seem obvious, but you would be surprised by how many people forget it! Be sure to move any furniture and potted plants away from the area. If needed, you can pin back any plants and flowers hanging above the fence to avoid them being ruined. Be sure to remove any hinges, metal handles, climbing vines or moss.

Next, it’s time to get the fence ready for its first coat of paint. The fence needs to be thoroughly cleaned. You may find you need to use a fungicide to remove any mold that may have grown. If you skip any of these steps, the paint may not stick to the wood, and you will have to do it all over again next year!

Following a thorough cleaning, you will need to sand the fence in order to remove any old paint residue and smoothen up any imperfections.

Now, you can apply a quality primer to help seal the fence and increase your chosen paint’s longevity and durability.

Before you go any further, you may want to do a spot test to ensure you have the correct colour. To do this, take your brush and paint a small spot on the fence. Next, stand back and review the colour from different angles.

If all is good with your selected paint colour, you can begin to paint by using brush strokes that go in the same direction as the wood grain. To avoid drips and runs, be sure not to overload your brush! If you are working with the sprayer, as suggested, then it is best to use long, sweeping horizontal arm movements to ensure an even finish throughout all the fence planks.

-Remember to apply brush strokes in the same direction as the wood grain and do not overload the brush with paint. Improper paint distribution will cause unwanted drips and runs.

-When working with a sprayer, use long, sweeping, horizontal arm movements to get an even finish on all fence boards. To avoid runs and drips with a sprayer, try to maintain a distance of about 15 centimeters between you and the spray muzzle.

Allow ample drying time between coats. Check your paint directions beforehand to ensure you are using the correct amount of paint coats and providing yourself with enough drying time.

The Repaint Specialists can help you get any summer paint project finished on time!

Contact The Repaint Specialists Today! 

Pro Tips: PAINTING YOUR HOME EXTERIOR IN THE FALL by The Repaint Specialists in Edmonton

You procrastinated all summer, but with the weather cooling quickly, and autumn fast approaching, you might be thinking of finally getting your exterior painted.

The blazing heat is subsiding, vacation time has passed, and the kids are heading back to school. It’s hard to find a logical reason to put painting off any longer.

Fall can be the perfect time to paint your home’s exterior; however, there are a few precautions you will need to take into consideration.

Follow these tips from The Repaint Specialists, and you will have your Edmonton home looking fab in no time!

Here is how to make your fall painting project successful!

• For best results, make sure you avoid applying exterior paints and stains when temperatures are lower than 10°C or 50°F. Edmonton weather can be a bit on the brisk side, and it may not always be feasible to get it all done in warmer weather. If you are finding the temperature dipping below 10 degrees, try and use a high-quality paint such as BEHR MARQUEE exterior paint and primer line. This line protects from drying and allows for painting in frostier temperatures that dip as low as 2°C or 32.6°F. Look for similar lines with other reputable companies such as Cloverdale, Benjamin Moore, and Sherwin-Williams.

• As a general rule of thumb, the best hours of application in the fall are between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. When temperatures are the warmest.

• The method is the same, but when painting in the autumn, you want to start on the sunny side of the building and work your way around, following the sun’s direction. Notice, this is the exact opposite pattern as followed in the summer when you want to avoid the sun!

• Lower temperatures mean drying and curing times take longer. To avoid any mishaps, be sure to allow for ample drying time between coats. To be on the safe side, we recommended you wait at least 24 hours between coats when temperatures hit below 10°C or 50º F.

Watch the dew! No, we don’t mean your hair. We are talking about dew points. When the temperature hits a certain point, the moisture will start to condense creating dew on your work surface. Paints, stains, or primers shouldn’t be applied unless the surface temperature is at least 5° higher than the dew point. Check online to find your local dew point! Remember, all surfaces should be properly cleaned and dried before applying the product! Disregarding this can lead to some serious problems down the road.


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