The DIY Guide To Synchronizing Your Paint Colours- Tips From Your Edmonton Repaint Specialists

You’ve scrolled through Pinterest, obsessed over Instagram, creeped Facebook and looked up every home decor blog you could find on Google, so you should be set, right?

Yeah, sure! Except like most of us, you’ve probably picked about 50 colors that you love, and have no idea if they will go well together- Will that brilliant Obstinate Orange make a good accent wall against the Green Energy?

Now, we all know The Repaint Specialists are here to help, but some of us are hardcore DIYers, and The Repaint Specialists get that!  In fact, everyone at The Repaint Specialists is kind of a DIYer themselves; at least when it comes to painting! 😉

Even so, these Edmonton paint specialists hate the idea of you panicking in the paint isle only to give up and resort to a rental white. So, they are going to let you in on a little secret! Even the pros aren’t color matching savants! Well, maybe there are a few, but most of them have a secret weapon that allows them to match colors harmoniously, and you can use it too!

*Drumroll, please *

It’s called a color wheel! That’s right; that little wheel you used in elementary school to learn about colors and art is actually pretty useful!

Just in case you don’t remember, The Repaint Specialists are going to tell you how to use one!


If you look at the diagram above, you will notice that that the color wheel is broken into 3 sections. Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary. Familiarizing yourself with the color wheel and these terms will help. Now, let’s take a look at the three ways you can use a color wheel!

Complimentary colors

To select complimentary colors, you are going to use the old adage “Opposites Attract”. Pick a color on the color wheel then draw a straight line across the color wheel. These two colors are complimentary even though they are basically exact opposites. Remember, you don’t have to distribute equal color around the room. You can select an accent wall for one of the colors, or simply add artwork or furniture that matches!

Analogous colors

This is when you choose a color on the color wheel that is next to the color you are choosing. If we choose yellow the analogous colors would be yellow-green and yellow-orange. This type of color choice is great when you don’t want to match the exact color or if you want to use your furniture or accessories to create the dramatic colors in the room highlighting your walls. Quite often neutrals are used when highlighting the main color feature of your walls such as white, off whites, grays, and browns, or even black.

TriaD COlours

First, choose a color on the color wheel then draw an equilateral triangle to find the two other colors. You will notice that each color has 3 colors between them to form the triangle. Let’s choose violet, the other two colors will be orange and green. These colors would be the secondary colors. The approach organizes the colors in terms of purity but can be a little more difficult to work with. You also don’t need to choose all the colors available, just keep their relationship in the back of your mind!

Regardless of what you decide, as long as your home represents you, it is going to look great!

Pro Tips:
Utilize Paint Swatches
Splurge on Samples

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How To Remove Mildew From Almost Any Surface of Your Edmonton Home

Mildew affects us all at one point or another; however, when it starts to get out of hand it can be both unsightly and dangerous!

What is Mildew?

Mildew is a fungus that typically grows on the surface of a damp area. It is usually characterized as patches of grey or white. Unlike mold, it doesn’t get fuzzy, and it is relatively easy to treat.

Today, The Repaint Specialists are going to walk us through how to remove mildew from various surfaces of your Edmonton home.


How to Remove Mildew from Wood and Vinyl Siding

1. First, you are going to want to cover any plants near where you’ll be removing mildew. The plants are just innocent bystanders, and we don’t need them getting injured!

2. Be sure to wear protective clothing at all times.

3. You can choose a store-bought mildew remover, or make your own solution:

  • 1/3 cup all-purpose laundry detergent
  • 1 quart fresh household chlorine bleach
  • 3 quarts warm water. 

If you are looking for an extra boost, you can also try adding  a cleaner that has trisodium phosphate.

4. Do a test patch. This will help ensure that your solution is doing the job without wrecking your walls.

5. Finally, saturate the solution onto the affected area and let it sit for about 10 minutes. When time is up,  scrub the area with the solution and a soft brush. Start at the bottom and work your way up. When done, rinse from the top down with your hose.

How to Remove Mildew from Brick

If you don’t already, you should get into the habit of spraying your brick with a nozzle spray hose at least once a year for maintenance.  If you begin to notice mildew in between, you’ll need to scrub it off with a solution of one cup bleach to a gallon of water. Since it’s brick, you will want to use a stiff brush (not wire or synthetic) to scrub the mildew.

How to Remove Mildew from Stone

This one is easy, folks! All your going to need is a mild soap of your choosing, water, and a scrub brush.  Once you’ve wiped or scrubbed the mildew away, give the stone a good rinse with the hose.

How to Prevent Mildew in the Future

The best solution for mildew is prevention! Prevention is fairly easy if you just take a few moments to ensure everything looks right!

  • Limit the amount of moisture seeping into your siding by keeping your trees and bushes trimmed.
  • Once a month, do a quick walk around your home to inspect for damage inside and out. Mildew can creep up on you quickly, and you want to be there to catch it at the earliest growth.  If you find any mildew, attack it immediately before it has the chance to grow.
  • Finally, take the time to wash your siding every fall to prevent mildew from growing.

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Key Benefits To Hiring An Edmonton Paint Specialist

We’ve all been there!

You’re watching T.V., and that new home decorating show comes on. It’s amazing what these everyday people can accomplish on a small budget! In fact, it’s downright inspiring!

You start looking around the room, and you realize it needs some serious sprucing up, and you are just the person to do it! No fancy contractors for you! Just some good ol’ ingenuity and elbow grease!


Before you head to the hardware stores, pawn shops, and hottest dumpster dive locations, let’s take a moment to think about all the ‘reality’ that this ‘reality’ renovation show it portraying.

Sure, it looks inexpensive and easy. The homeowners get discount paint, used furniture, and even made that amazing crafty chandelier for $29. Not to mention they accomplished it all in a weekend!

These shows run for one reason: to make money!

They take everyday people and put them under extraordinary circumstances to ensure a profitable job well done.

First, the producers get a killer deal on the majority of the products (sometimes free) for the publicity. Next, what seems like a short amount of time squished into an episode is actually days of non-stop grueling hours that drag on. Finally, those people are surrounded by experts every step of the way! Professional electricians, painters, restorators, designers, and more. When the show’s editors plug that shockingly low price into the bottom of your screen, they are counting for any of those professional’s wages.

Does this mean you can’t do it? Absolutely not!

With the right materials, enough time, and lots of practice, you could make your home beautiful all on your own, but for now, you might save yourself a headache, and hire a contractor for your big projects.

You can even get their expert advice for when you take on your next DIY project!

You don’t simply want to hire a contractor because we tell you, so I bet you’re wondering WHY you should hire a contractor.

The Repaint Specialists makes a pretty good point for why hiring a professional painting contractor might be in your best interests, so keep reading!



Experience can’t be bought; it’s earned. That’s what they say. Even if you start tomorrow, it would take a long time to obtain the experience one of your local painting experts has gained over the years. You’re not just hiring a painter; you’re beating the system and buying his/her experience and expertise from all the jobs past. Painting may seem like an easy subject to master, but a lot can go wrong, and your local Edmonton painters will know what to do when it does.

Expert Painters Have Expert Product Knowledge

When was the last time you strolled down the paint isle? All those labels –Latex, oil-based, low-VOCs, no-VOCs. Flat, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, high gloss, Behr, Cloverdale, Sherwin-Williams–  can get overwhelming and fast!  Painting contractors know which paint fits best in your home. Do you live with pets? Do you have kids? Do you suffer from allergies or sensitivities? No sweat! The Repaint Specialists can help select a paint or finish that is going to make your home look beautiful while making your life simple. Why? Because our customer’s satisfaction and a job well done is our passion!

Professional Painters Prep Before Painting

We know it tedious, and we mention it a lot. When painting your own home, it’s easy to get over excited about painting, or simply get bored and not give this step the attention it deserves. However, a repaint specialist will never skimp on the prep! We know how important this step is to the final look and longevity of the paint, and we go the extra mile to make sure it’s done right!

Professional Painters Add Value to Your Home

A professional painter adds value to your home. Whether you plan to sell it or live in it, you will see and feel that value every day.  When you hire one of Edmonton’s top paint specialists, it shows! From draping to clean up, you will know you are in good hands!

Interested in hiring a professional? Check out The Repaint Specialists’ amazing deals!

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You’ve been staring at that handprint on the wall for weeks, and it’s been driving you crazy! You took a cloth to it yesterday, but that only made it shiny for a while, and when it was dried, the handprint was still there mocking you. What’s worse is that that handprint got you noticing all the other marks on your walls! The grease in the kitchen, the crayon in the halls, the mildew in the corner of the bathroom (when did that even get there!)

The last time you took a scrubby to try and remove the stuck on dirt, you ended up removing the paint. At this point, your ready to repaint your whole house, but then you would still need to clean the walls and get this stuff off!

We get it; Are families are messy too!  

The Repaint Specialists want to make your life as easy as possible, so they have come up with a guide to help you get those stubborn spots of your walls without ruining your expensive paint job!



Don’t feel bad. Every kitchen has grease and grime. It comes with the territory; however, right above the stove can become particularly greasy and discolored. Good news! It turns out that tackling grease and grime is more straightforward than expected. Almost any decent dish detergent should help get you out of this sticky situation. ‘Dawn‘ is well known for it’s gentle yet powerful grease fighting action!

Simply mix a bit dish soap with some warm water and wipe. Rinse, and blot the wall dry. Have a stubborn grease stain? Try a mixture of 1 part white household vinegar to 2 parts warm water!

Fighting Dirt and Grime

You may not notice just how much we touch our walls. If you have little ones, you can times that by 10.  The oil and dirt that our hands can transfer to our walls, doors, cabinets and door frames can be unsightly at best. Guess what; you can make the same solution as above, and luckily,  for those stubborn finger marks, Mr, Clean makes a pretty good eraser that actually works! Just wet the sponge and gently rub.

You may find yourself needing more than a little sponge; that’s okay, we got you covered. Here is a recipe for making your own homemade eraser sponge/cloth. Remember to wear gloves! 

  • 1 cup ammonia
  • 1/2 cup distilled or apple cider vinegar
  • 1/4 cup baking soda
  • 1 gallon of warm water

Wipe the mixture on your walls with your choice of sponge or cloth, then rinse clean with water.

Crayon Graffiti

We love our kids, but there are some days we don’t like ’em. These days usually involve crayons, walls, and destruction. Your store-bought or homemade magic eraser should do the trick, but if it doesn’t, people have reported success with toothpaste, erasers, baby wipes, and baking soda on a damp sponge (be careful not to scratch!)

Sharpie Disaster

Permanent marker can be a real pain to get of the walls. Soak a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and gently dap the stain.  You may need a few cotton balls before it comes out. Having a cloth handy to catch runs is a good idea!

Battling Mildew

Mildew is a nasty fungus that eats soap scum and body oil: hence why it is prone to the bathroom! A solution of 1 tablespoon white vinegar to 1-quart water can be sprayed and wiped from the wall. MIldew can cause a lot of damage, so you want to keep it under control.

If it has gotten too far, you may need to call in a specialist! 

Water Stains

First things first! You need to solve the problem of where the heck the water stain is coming from in the first place. Once you have that sorted and fixed, you can make a solution of 1 cup bleach to 1 gallon of water to prevent mold and mildew from growing. You need to be sure that the area is thoroughly dried, so taking a hairdryer and cloth to the area isn’t a bad idea. Bleaching doesn’t always remove stains, and in these cases, you will have to repaint: Don’t worry we know a guy!

So, there you have it! The ultimate list to put you at ease when your mother in law says she is coming to visit!

Looking to repaint your home anyway? Check out this year’s trendiest colors from Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, Behr, and more! 

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6 Easy Steps For Professionally Finished Cabinets- Painting Like A Repaint Specialist!

Does the sight of your washed out, outdated kitchen cabinets make you too sick to eat? Probably not! But, hey, they’re still pretty bad, right?

We get it! No one wants to walk into their kitchen and feel like they’ve traveled back to the 70’s. (unless there is a groovy disco ball hanging from the ceiling; in that case, boogie on!)

Unfortunately, that probably isn’t the case, and your cabinets could probably use a little TLC. Well, The Repaint Specialists are here to guide you and your cabinets back to the modern world!

How do you get started?

Well, first, you need to determine the type of cabinet surface of which you’re dealing. Flat wood, wood laminate, and metal are all reasonably simple surfaces to work with for your DIY project; however, if your cabinet surface is a plastic laminate, then you may want to consult a professional as special paints, skill, and techniques may be required! Once you’ve determined what your cabinet surface is made of, and what paint/stains are most appropriate, it’s time to remove the doors and take off the hardware!

PRO TIP: Number each door as you remove them and label their locations so that you can place the exact cabinet back in its proper place.

Next, you need to clean up all the surfaces! *Que Groans*

Yes, yes, we know this is tedious work, but it’s an absolute MUST if you want beautifully refinished cabinets. If you are tempted to skip this step, the neighbor kid looks like he could use an extra 10 bucks…  The Repaint Specialists recommend using a solution of one part tri-sodium phosphate and four parts water for best results! After you’ve applied the cleaner, rinse thoroughly, but DO NOT SOAK! Allow your cabinets to dry completely.

Now for the real elbow grease. All the surfaces you plan to repaint will need to be sanded. If the old paint is still in decent condition, you don’t need to bother sanding down the wood. Merely rough up the surface so that the next layer will adhere nicely. If you do need to sand down to the bare wood, be sure to feather the edges of the sanding area so that the new paint will lay flat giving you a professionally finished look. After sanding, remove all dust with a vacuum and give a good wipe with a tack rag.


Finally, you are ready to apply the primer and paint! First, apply an even coat of primer, and allow it to dry per the directions on the packaging. Once you are sure the primer has set, you can apply your choice of paint. You can choose to paint with a brush, spray, or even a roller as long as the surface is nice and flat. Depending on the paint, you may need a second coat. Once your paint is completely dry, you can reattach the hardware and hang up your cabinet doors.

Aren’t you glad you labeled them! 

Give yourself a pat on the back and send out those dinner invites. You’ve got a kitchen to show off!

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2018 Paint Colours Of The Year

Are you still wowed by your home when you walk through the door? 

We aren’t talking the kinda wowed you get when you walk in and find your kids have entirely destroyed the place! We’re speaking of that breathtaking wowed you get after you have finally found the perfect paint color and everything seems right in the world.

Remember that feeling? The feeling that your whole home emulates you, and you get excited merely to sit in your favorite room relaxing!

Well, if that feeling has become lost to you, don’t panic; we can find it!

Like the leaves change with each season, so does our mood and decor tastes! Luckily, a new coat of paint can transform any room into a fresh, new, utopia that will leave you feeling like a fashionista, and have your friends begging you to decorate their home.

If you consider yourself a trendy individual, you might know exactly what you want. If you are more like what we refer to as “Faux trendy” (you want to be fashionable, but you have no idea what’s in), then we have you covered!

Take a look at this list The Repaint Specialist have put together for you!

From the most reputable brands of paint manufactures, we present to you…The Hottest Interior Home Colours Choices of 2018



Looking to make your home serene and tranquil? Look no further than Behr’s color of the year: In The Moment. It’s calming “spruce blue” will bring serenity to any room, and its versatility makes this color choice ideal for both exterior and interior projects!


Bold, energetic, and magnificent! Benjamin Moore’s 2018 color Caliente brings an elegant, energetic spirit to any room! Make a statement by incorporating this color into your exterior. For example, a door that’s colored Caliente shouts to the world “All who enter, prepare to be dazzled.”


Plume Grass is Cloverdale’s modern take on a timeless classic. If you’re looking for something that whispers rather than shouts, this is your color! With a subtle hue of green that is perfectly balanced, Plume Grass send gentle notion of fresh air and neutrality.


Green collides with blue to make this smashing paint color of 2018: Oceanside. Oceanside brings elegance and grace with a flare of adventure and mystique to your home. While bolder than Behr’s ‘In The Moment’, Oceanside still leaves you reminiscing of salty, fresh air, and a feeling of ocean waves washing your worries away!


Pantone’s Ultra Violet is out of this world! Imaginative, creative, and ingenious! This color represents the mystique of the universe and unlimited creativity! Perfect for the non-conformist who is looking to the future!

Want your Edmonton home looking trendy and fresh this season?

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5 Small Changes To Transform Your Home’s Exterior

Did you know that you can completely transform your home’s exterior in just one day? Yes, you read that right: ONE DAY!

The best part? You don’t even have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on extravagant home renovations or costly landscaping.

That means you can spend more money on the important things. For example, building a pool to splash away the summer heat in, or buying your wife that new pandora bracelet charm when you’re in the dog house. You’re welcome!

Dying to know the secret? Good; because we are dying to tell you!

Keep scrolling!

Say “Goodbye” to weeks of inconvenient upgrades, strangers coming and going through your yard, and interrupted family schedules.

Are you ready? Here it comes!

The answer is. . . paint!

Wait, wait, wait! I know that may seem anticlimactic, and even down right biased, but here us out!

The thing is, you don’t have to paint your whole house. In fact, with the right colour and application techniques, you don’t have to paint much at all!

Pro Tip: Contrast is Key

5 Small Changes To Transform Your Home’s Exterior

1  Paint Your Shutters. By simply repainting your shutters, you can refresh your home with little effort or cost!

Repaint Your Exterior Trim. With the right contrast, you can dramatically change the way your home looks. You can easily go from country bright to modern chique in a matter of hours!

3  Paint Your Front Entrance. Your entrance way is the first experience visitors have with your home. Keep it fresh, and let it reflect who you are as you change.

4  Reinvent Your Garage Door. For most homes, the garage door is on of the most noticeable features from the street. Keep your home looking impressive for yourself, and passers by.  Matching the front door to the garage door is a great way to give your home personality!

5  Change Up The Driveway!  That’s right! Think outside of the box, and redo your driveway to give your home an impressive, unique quality that no one can ignore!

Any one of the above paint jobs will impact your homes exterior in a positive way; however, you may be more of a Go Big or Go Home kinda person.

For an extreme transformation you can be proud of, choose 2 more of the above suggestions.

Schedule a day on the town, and leave the rest to us! By the time you get back home, we’ll have you wondering if you are in the right neighbourhood. Don’t worry — you won’t be alone! Your neighbours will be second guessing themselves as well!

Need some inspiration? Check out this professional home exterior paint project The Repaint Specialists were working on!

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Should I Buy My Own Paint To Save Money?

You are finally ready to take the plunge, and repaint your family home. You’re excited to get started, but you know, this time, you may not be the right one to get the job done. An important task like this, requires a team of high quality professionals who know exactly what they are doing, and will not let you down. However, there is a budget to consider, and you’re looking to cut costs any reasonable way you can.

So, is pre-purchasing your paint the best solution to keep cost down?

After all, it does give you complete control of paint branding, pricing, and it ensures the correct colour will always be used. You can even pound the pavement and surf the web for the lowest prices around. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Hold on! Let’s take a closer look.

Sure, at first glance, buying your own paint and then hiring a contractor might sound like a budget savvy idea, but how much do you really know about paint, and what is your time worth to you?

When you  contract out a paint specialist, and get them to supply the paint for you, it eliminates hours and hours of research, store visits, and driving time from your schedule, thus, freeing you up to focus on the more important things in life! In addition to time saved, chances are, like The Repaint Specialists, your local paint contractor already gets the highest quality products for the lowest guaranteed prices. What’s more, many paint specialists will offer a flat rate, so when more paint is needed for the job, or a sweet price deal can’t be made, you don’t take the hit!

Furthermore, there is so much more to paint selection than meets the eye, and researching all the different kinds of paint, from sheen level to what paint is most appropriate for which room (yes, this really does matter! Find out a bit more about it here), can be such a hassle. Paint specialists are already well versed in all types of paint, and can accurately select paint types that are going to, not only look the best, but last the longest!

Even though most experts agree that it is best practice to let your contractor buy the paint for your project, you may still feel inclined to do it yourself. If you do decide to go this route, remember to do your research, and always buy high quality paint, or you may find yourself dishing out the bigger bucks later on. We suggest trusted brands such as Behr, Cloverdale, Benjamin Moore, and Sherwin-Williams! Regardless of your brand choice, be sure and to contact your paint specialist, before the project date, and ensure they are comfortable using the paint you’ve selected.

Looking for help selecting the right kind of paint for your home project?

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HELP! What Comes First, The Trim or The Wall?

Question: “My wife and I are excited to get started transforming our living room! We picked up all the supplies and did all the prep work as you suggested, but as soon as we picked up the paint brush, we hit a dead end and an interesting debate! Which do you paint first? The trim or the wall? Please help us settle this, so I can win the bet, and we can get on with our renos!”


Answer: We hear you loud and clear, and you are not alone! This debate even has some of the pros running in circles, and some may debate that it’s a matter of preference. Either way, you want it done right, and we can all agree that nothing can transform the look and feel of your home like a new coat of paint, and nothing can ruin your new paint job like a messy trim. Here are some tips and advice regarding your trim from our experts at The Repaint Specialists.

What Comes First? The Trim or The Wall?

As mentioned above, this could come down to a matter of preference. After all, either way you run the risk of getting the paint from the trim on the walls, and the paint from the walls on the trim. However, we at The Repaint Specialists tend to advise you to start your project by painting the trim, and be certain to allow plenty of time for the paint to dry before moving on. With a little luck, patience, and high quality products such as those from Sherwin-Williams, Cloverdale, Behr, and Benjamin Moore, you can avoid any unwanted messes and mishaps!

Tips for Painting Baseboards

Baseboard are the first to show signs of a well loved room, and it really isn’t any surprise. Baseboards can easily become scuffed or nicked during everyday activities. It’s likely your baseboards will require patching, so be sure to thoroughly inspect them before you begin your project. If patching is required, then apply compound according to the package directions. Once the compound is dried, go ahead and give the patched areas a light sanding to reveal a smooth finish. Don’t forget to go along after with a vacuum hose to remove any dust and debris before painting!

Follow these tips for the best way to paint baseboard and other trim around your home:

  • Protect your living space by always using a drop cloth, and applying a painters tape along the bottom where the trim meets the floor. This will provide added protection, especially for expensive hardwood surfaces.
  • Clean messes immediately after they happen by using a damp cloth that is kept near by
  • Use a high quality angled paint brush, and begin by loading the brush with paint approximately two-thirds of the way up the brush, and dab against the container to remove any excess.
  • Use long strokes when applying paint to baseboards, and be sure to work in small sections, avoiding going back and forth over the same area.
  • Allow the first coat to dry thoroughly before determining if a second one is needed.

For guaranteed flawless finish, trust our leading team of experts at The Repaint Specialists in Edmonton, Alberta.

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8 Tips On Prepping Your Walls For Painting

We’ve said it before, and we will say it again! PREPARATION IS KEY!

In fact, preparation and planning is so important to any project, that we have decided to give it it’s very own spotlight on our Repaint Specialists Blog!

So, without further ado…

8 Steps To Prepping Like  A Pro 

#1  Before starting anything, you want to make sure your walls and furniture are thoroughly protected! Ideally, you want to remove furniture from the room altogether; however, if this isn’t possible, try and move all the furniture together (away from the walls) and drape them. Don’t forget the floor covers!

#2  It can get pretty messy, pretty fast! Remember to protect yourself and your clothes! Wear safety goggles and overalls/old clothes in case  paint splatters occurs (it will), so you can throw them out after. Or even better, keep them, so you too, can be a fashionista sporting the latest fashions from Ralph Lauren without spending a dime! You’re welcome…  

#3  Clean and dust the walls, ledges, and baseboards thoroughly! For most surfaces you will want to use either a towel or vacuum cleaner. When painting a bathroom or kitchen, you can wash the walls with a solution of approximately three teaspoons of laundry detergent to one gallon of water.

#4  Scrape any cracked or flaking paint with a paint scraper. For other small imperfections on the wall such as plaster bumps, smooth them away with sandpaper. You can use good ol’ fashion elbow grease with a piece of sandpaper stapled to a sanding block, or you can feel free to make the job easier and use an electric sander.

#5  Make sure you have all your materials on hand when getting ready to paint! Things you may need for your project include: primer, paint-can opener, stir sticks, roller covers (close nap on a rolling cage, large nap without rolling cage), paintbrushes (one for latex paint and one for oil-based paint), paint tray, gloves, drop cloth and an extension pole for the roller.

A NOTE ABOUT PRIMER: Don’t skimp out; you get what you pay for! A high-quality primer will help to hide any small imperfections on walls, and help create lasting perfection. Use a good water-based primer on new drywall. Choose an oil-based primer for walls that have heavy stains from water or smoke damage, or if the wall has panelling.

#6  Before painting, protect wall sconces and wall trim with painters tape.

#7  Begin in the corners of the wall and up near the ceiling, “cutting in” the paint with a good quality angle brush. You can then, with a small brush, apply the paint around trim and in the corners of walls where your larger brush can’t reach.

PRO TIP FROM THE REPAINT SPECIALISTS: A great tip that the pros use is to do a “W” pattern to paint walls. Start in the corner of a wall, and roll on a 3′ by 3′ “W”; then fill it in without lifting the roller. Repeat until the section is finished. This helps hide seams and any places where the roller has been lifted and put back on the wall again.

#8 Take your time  picking out a colour you won’t regret! The best option is to use a test board. You can never make a good decision based on looking at the colour swatch in the store. It can be hard to properly recreate the space in our mind, and often, the colour swatch can look a bit different then in real life. Avoid disasters by creating a few sample test boards and placing them around the room in different lightings to ensure you are getting the look you want!

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